Friday, 27 May 2011


 This morning the postman (no, she is a lady) came by with a small parcell from the USA. Small - but with a great content - please, have a look: this is what Tammy made and put together for me. I love flowers and owls - here they are in my favourite version, seeds, a bookmark and stitch markers. Thank you Tammy - Grazie!

Since it was a sock swap - there was also a pair of socks inside this tiny box. They are so nicely knitted (did you use 2 mm needles??) and they fit so well, I'm just sorry it's too hot to wear them right now. Love them. Have I thanked you, already, Tammy? Ok, maybe another hvala (in slovene) will do.

It's hot, but who could resist???? surely not me - see how perfectly they fit? Bye now, I have to cast on whatever, just to make my new owls fly.....


  1. Allora, due cose. La prima, gli stitchmarker sono una figata.
    Seconda....tu lo sai che io ti voglio tanto tanto tanto bene si??? E lo sai che amo tanto tanto tanto le ipomeee si? Beh magari questo non lo se attecchiscono i semi mi regali una piantina??? Faccio gli occhioni languidi, so che non puoi dirmi di no :))))

  2. Non saprei proprio come dirti di no. Considera il giardino gia' fatto. :-)

  3. Infatti non puoi ;))))