Monday, 9 May 2011

Gipsy throw

It was so windy yesterday......there was nothing else to do than finish the stash-buster throw. It's funny how a blankett could be used as a knitting reminder. In there you'll find kid's socks,  shawls,  experiments with Kool-aid, gloves and mittens, one or two hats. It's a nice way to clear  your yarn corner and preserve your personal history. Well, maybe we are not really talking of breaking news, it's just a throw, made superb (ooops, again) by the finishing I've learned thanks to an Attic24's tutorial.

Mindy likes it, but she will not enjoy it - he,he. It will be for my personal use.
 Ubi maior, minor cessat


  1. I love it, very colourful - I agree too good for dog use, however cute the dog!

  2. Yes, wild colours, going together so well! I like your colourful throw.
    And what exactly is "Ubi maior, minor cessat"?

  3. The weak (minor) capitulates before the strong (major) ... drugače povedano, ta močnejši pobere vse, ta šibkejši pa naj se pobere kar sam, a tega nismo smeli tako prevajati iz latinščine, sicer so padale negativne ocene. : )