Monday, 23 May 2011

Netresk and Shaun

This healing plant is called  "netresk" in slovene - I really don't know the italian word for it - nor the english. But it's a well known officinal plant, mostly used as a natural antibiotic - using the jelly alike pulp. It works for small wounds, insect bites, bruises... Most of all, this rustical plant grows  in places with almost no soil. I took this photo when leaving home - the green button on our wall was quite happy after yesterday's rain.   
Meet the ware-rabbit Shaun. Proudly showing his villa with a private rabbit-hole on the right side of the ground floor. All the soil you see there is the result of his digging work. He works like this: the stones on the right, the soil out - I thankfuly use his ability for my gardening. 


  1. Hi to you and thanks for popping over to see me. I'd love to see your owl to see if he is related to mine!
    I've had a quick look, and I think your blog is great too.
    I hope your son enjoys his trip to Hastings - it's just along the coast from us!

    Look forward to visiting you again soon and having a longer look at your posts. X

  2. Are you sure the bunny is not trying to dig a hole deep enough to escape his villa? ;)))

  3. You bet. He is on his way out :-)
    Lepo, da si prisla na obisk!