Sunday, 1 May 2011

May 1st - angry birds.....

 Today is the day - the international workers' day! But how many of us can really cherish this day? Reading the news makes me really angry: young and talented people looking for a job - some of them inventing one, but they are rare - middle age workers loosing their job in the name of a false globalisation and a more subtile delocation of their factories - women treated like second choice partners - lots of people not doing their job, but still living like grand moghuls...
shall I continue?
That's why I'm angry!
 And that's why I crocheted this red cardinal angry bird for my son. To remind him he has to struggle for his rights :  study being his first goal right now.  And also to remind me that his/their life is in our hands - we are spoiling their future being so selfish and acting like the whole world is our backyard:   place to use only when needed.
Am I too pessimistic? Shall I go to back to bed?
No way! Guess what? Today I'm going to my office, because I'm in charge and because there are so many of us working for other people to stay informed, healthy, safe and happy.
PS. you can find the original pattern in Ravelry or visiting the creator's blog

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  1. Well done, we need to remember and to be angry. Your red bird is great!