Tuesday, 3 May 2011

flowers' scarf and a roof

Here it is: my very personal interpretation of the Japanese scarf pattern. It is something between a scarf and a necklace. Something you'll use to improve your outfit - being green, purple, yellow or brown. I think it was worth the pain of putting it together, but I'm on lazy person devoted to topdown, knit in the round and other paraphernalia that don't need sewing or grafting or whatever.
That said I must admit that the inspiring Attic 24 and other brave crocheters helped me a lot. And I'm thankful for all the tutorials I've found in their blogs. Thank you all.

As for the balcony, my future paradise has a roof, covered with old "tavelle", flat, once handmade bricks, we had collected from the old house and from friends in the neighbourghood. They were very common more than a hundred years ago, now you have to contact collectors. Funny how people use to misunderstand the local heritage.

Anyway. In a couple of days this bench will be my knitting throne, with pillows and baskets full of yarn.
I'm a dreamer - there's a busy week waiting for me, not for my knitting.
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  1. Your balcony sounds lovely. Enjoy your crafting in the sun!

  2. Quando torno devo assolutamente venire a sferruzzare sul balcone...mi sembra un luogo delle fiabe, è bellissimo :)
    La sciarpa è venuta proprio bene...la vedrò dal vivo ;)

  3. What a perfect place for your knitting! A perfect place to enjoy warm Italian evenings too.


  4. E' proprio bello tutto! la sciarpa: colori stupendi e il balcone, sembra quasi di essere in montagna!!!