Saturday, 14 May 2011

It works again! Chess cake

 My blog was out of order for a few days - so Ladka miss my answer about ubi maior, minor cessat - it means somehow that the weak (minor) capitulates before the strong (major) , or, that where there is a strog one, the weak is neglected (or, is better for him to go away before the "maior" takes his-her advantage). I  don't mean to suggest it's ethical or correct, but when we are talking of dogs and sofa or dogs and throws, I know who the weak has to be.
But today the blog is ok, so I'll share with you my chess-cake-to-be. The first part was made yesterday, the second will be done before this evening when we'll meet our friends for a birthday toast.

It goes like that - you prepare your bread dough and while the yeats is doing his chemistry you start with the cakes.
 Two of them: a white and a dark cholocate batter. Use your secret recipe, a ready made cake, whatever. At the end you have to work on two identical cakes.

 Once the cakes are ready, take a large cup,  a glass and sharp knife to cut both of the cakes in three pieces.

Like that

 It's easy - do the puzzle work and you will have to bicolour cakes.
Put everything aside - better if the cakes are wrapped in alu - and go to sleep. As for me, I'll make the second part of the job. Alas, I have no idea how to decorate it. Maybe a thin layer of whipped double cream will be enough. We'll see.

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