Wednesday, 29 June 2011

More about lakes and knitting

I'm knitting socks those days - four or five at the same time. First because I'm nervous, second because I have enough DPNs ....

third because I've just received a parcel from and I could not resist the temptation: I almost immediatly cast on a pair of socks in Mango. As for the other socks, here they are - multiple of Fluss des Lebens pattern I'm knitting for a KAL on Ravelry. To tell you the trouth I'm not sure my German is good enough to understand what's going on there, but the pattern is really nice, the socks are wearable and all I have to do is post the pics of the finished work.

I have a Posh yarn silky variation and a quite pshychadelic cotton version. In the real life the colour is a very nice turquoise melange and the socks are for a young and very tenacious girl called Lina. She plays ice hockey and she is great.
Another Fluss des Lebens and a plain pair of Hundertwasser socks.

The other pictures are related with our last trip in Carinthia. Please note - there were no mosquitos in sight. Uau.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Happy birthday

 I really don't remember my own 15th birthday. Have to ask my mother.
All I know is that our boy wants his privacy to be respected - no 15 marks on the cake, nor a name... nothing.
I don't mind. If you are not in a party mood, why pretending to be?
Happy birthday, son, anyway.

 The cake was not bad, you know?  A real homemade Black forest cake with my precious cherries in almond syrup. Yum.
A temptation he could not resist, but that's off the record.

 It seems that Mindy was having her happy hour...
(she is not really smiling, she is stone asleep with her eyes wide open. Than't why I could use the flash, a paraphernalia she could not stand because she so afraid of storms and lightning)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

This and that

Meet my iron friends - the owls came from Eisenkappel - Železna kapla (what else?) and the chicken from an Austrian artist we met years ago. His name is Fritz Russ, his home-atelier is in Gmuend. From the very small chicken to the impressive cow that stares at you near the Tauer highway, you could recognize  the Russ's touch. I can also suggest you to visit her partner's  - she is an artist too.

Monday, 6 June 2011

A rainy day

 My day off, and the weather was really against me. How do they say? - it was raining cats and dogs? Something like this. The fact is that I love rain and storms, thunders and all the mess connected with heavy rain. Why was I complaining?  I just turned my back to the garden and went to the kitchen instead. The result of my morning work were four jars of cherries in almond syrup. 

Guess who was my supervisor?

Even if it was raining outside, I've maneged to have a short break on the balcony (my open air knitting room). I've cast on the first sock for my swap partner. It's a secret, so enjoy a pic of the fucsia and one of the scented pelargionium I use against mosquitos - waiting a bat family to move to the bat house we have arranged for those voracious mosquito eaters.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Summer lace

It's time to take decisions. The first, and at the very moment the most important was: what kind of socks will I knit for my secret international sock swap partner ??? She - ok, this is not a secret - lives in a country I didnot even know was that country  - I mean, I did not understand that the state abbreviation has to be read as.... , of course now I know all about the place. At least the correct spell of the country. Not bad, ; ).
I have the yarn and I have the pattern - tomorrow I'll cast on the socks, and.... not just those socks. I have made a donation to Cuore di maglia and got a super cute PDF booklet named Summer lace. Cristiana Brenna's Bollicine will be my next knitting project. The other projects will have to wait a little, but I can tell you that I'll even try to fix the featured knitting bag, even if I'm not a true sewing machine lover.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Eva's shawl, done

I have been so busy the last couple of days.....
and the weather was rather unusual last Saturday, when we drove to Klagenfurt to collect our son, coming home from Hastings. (he was so upset because he could not jump into the sea, but the swimming was forbidden because it was too windy). Guess what - it was snowing.....
And this is my - really mine, see the owl - Eva's shawl. Partly araucania, partly Posh yarn, with the colours perfectly matching my bag and my office mug. Alas my smartphone has lot of pix, but the colours are not so realistic. The shawlette will be very useful in my everyday fight against the air condition at the office. When it's cold outside, we are chilling, when it's hot, the air condition is broken. The building maneger needs an exorcism.