Thursday, 29 March 2012

Refresh your Pulli

When a cardy is sleeping alone in your cupboard for too long it could be because it does not fit you anymore, because you don't like it anymore, because it's out of fashion..... Whatever - it's a waste of precious place! That's why every now and then I refresh the look of my beloved cardigans and rocks. A tiny ivy decoration is more than enough to give my cotton cardigan another life. Bought at the Volpe rossa shop in Opicina. Lovely place!




Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Orange peel "Zopf" and springtime pics

Not a great photo, I agree, but it's the first time our new cherry tree shows her blossoms.

The rubharb is growing...

I'm also testing recipes for Easter. We - being my son M and me - have tried a personal variation of the far more traditional Zimt Zopf. The basic recipe we use is a very simple one, made for our way of intending cakes : a small amount of butter, one egg, 75 grams of sugar and 500 grams of flour, milk.

As for the cinnamon, peels, butter and nuts mix that usually makes the Zopf so nice looking and tasty, we have decided for cinnamon, orange zest, a pinch of sugar and some drops of butter. The result was super anyway. The last slice is right now with me and my cup of strong breakfast tea with milk.


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hot cross buns

I have this digital magazine Good Food, ok? And I love to test their recipes. Am I in Ad? Nope. But when your dearest does ask you one more and one more and the buns are not even cooled on the rack and he does not love cakes at all that means the recipe is a damn good one. And you have to stick to the magazine as well.

Your start with a dough - my KitchenAid does the dirty work

Then you prepare a mix of orange zest, cored and diced apples, cinnamon, sultanas. They don't look like sultanas? Correct - I had none left so I had to use dates instead.

Here it is the happy mix

Now you have to part it in 15 (why????) smaller pieces


And now the magic of the cross made of flour and water

After a 20 minutes bake here they are - lovely, tasty, from now on a must on my table. Thank you BBC digital magazine. The entire house smells so good: apples and cinnamon.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Mettiamoci una pezza

How to cover what was not done to help L'Aquila citizens recover from an earthquake...... knitters and crochetters from all over Italy are working on a large, enormous patch to tell people from Abruzzo that other people still care about them. Me too. So I' m working on my tiny patches for this unique urban knitting/crochet project. I'll send them to the SC group ruled by Roberta Castiglione and her friends. Wanna see them?

This one is not finished - but I'm working on the idea - and on a border as well. I only feel sorry because those granny squares had to be part of another project. Hope Babi will forgive me.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring time and bla bla bla

I know you know today is the day poets become visible and media spend time and words about them and their work. One single day - and isn't it strange how people make such a fuss around other "days" and then simply forget how much a drop of poetry could do for our heart and soul?
I am not a poet myself - never wrote a verse, even when I was in this pinky teenager mood. But I'm still convinced a haiku is somewhere waiting for me. Stop now. I'll give you some pics to use for your own poetical inspiration. The one I love the best is the timid look of my mighy rhubarb.

 - be patient with my photo experiments, I was just testing picmonkey and I'm pretty pleased with how it works -

Saturday, 3 March 2012

My sister's brithday

For my sister's birthday I've decided to refresh a little bit my neglected blog. The fact is that I'm running out of Time. Every single day of my life. But, now and then, I have to post a little something. So - here we are -

This is the bag Babi made for me as a present for my sister. Such a nice work!

She is really talented. Have a look at her blog Filo, feltro e fantasia (, you'll be surprised.

Then I have to bake a dozen of cupcakes - just for fun. We'll have a birthday tea, so why not? Here they are, my coffee cupcakes, thanks Good Food digital food magazine!


Don't bad - aren't they?

Of course I've not neglected my knitting - au contraire

Mixing this yarn with this one

The result is a thread I'm using for a secret project

And last, but not least - our doggy family has a brand new member: Miška. She is a spanish greyhound or galgo and is a rescued dog.

This was her very first night at home, two weeks ago.

Sleepnig with her new friend, the grey Mindy

That's all folks - an Everest of loundry is waitnig for me