Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Paulie, Aliens, Socks.. and an ancle distorsion

One week at home due to an ancle distorsion..... arghh.
I'm knitting. knitting and knitting - reading and knitting - nothing else to say.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

lovely capelet

The weather is changing slowly, but it seems like the hot summer is over at least. I have to take care of my flowers, so madly in love with my scented carnations, but I also have to dig deep into my stash and finish some wip.
One is here, catching afternoon sun after washing.   The colours are really nice and the row I've added - purple Lana grossa Secondo, a blend of cotton, polyamide and silk - adds a bit of zest.
I also have to share with you that I've baked and decorated my very first dozen of cupcakes with italian meringue butter cream. Pure heaven - I just have to take some pictures before they disappear.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Time for crochet

 Strucked by an You tube video posted on FB by Rosalba Strega (immediatly slurped) I decided the "chaleto" was the right project for partialy destash my sock yarn basket(s). There was this Lana grossa Solo Tono waiting for me to make something out of those 3 skeins. Socks? No way, but a crocheted "chaleto", yes. I added another Lana grossa bargain purchase, a synthetic purple yarn I just don't know why did I bought it. It was really cheap, on sale, that's all I remember. Well, now the yarn has regained in dignity. Just guess how the project will turn out one of these days.  

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

 Little Cottage Conforts is inviting us to organic holidays! It's a giveaway, but who could resist? Not me, for sure. I love this way of touring and the link she suggested was on my favourite list in no time. To prove that I'm not cheating, I'll share with you the pics of those cute  kittens from a bio farm in Austria where we stay  the last two days while arranging al the necessary for our sons attending  school in Klagenfur. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

felicita' pura

 Have you ever heard of something like a big bang of happiness? Sure it was about me opening my swap parcel and finding inside The Socks... owlish, balcanisch, perfect in their knitted performance and fitting like tailor made. I was moved to tears when I saw Erin's masterpiece. It was like she decided to share part of her inner life with me - her Canadian roots turned into marple sweeties, her Icelandic honeymoon turned into tiny buttons, her love for knitting patiently woven into a sample of crossed sts, cables, fancy toes and structurated heels of  a pair of socks I've already elected as a fetish or, better, a totem. Again, thank you gradskoolknitter.