Sunday, 5 June 2011

Summer lace

It's time to take decisions. The first, and at the very moment the most important was: what kind of socks will I knit for my secret international sock swap partner ??? She - ok, this is not a secret - lives in a country I didnot even know was that country  - I mean, I did not understand that the state abbreviation has to be read as.... , of course now I know all about the place. At least the correct spell of the country. Not bad, ; ).
I have the yarn and I have the pattern - tomorrow I'll cast on the socks, and.... not just those socks. I have made a donation to Cuore di maglia and got a super cute PDF booklet named Summer lace. Cristiana Brenna's Bollicine will be my next knitting project. The other projects will have to wait a little, but I can tell you that I'll even try to fix the featured knitting bag, even if I'm not a true sewing machine lover.


  1. The shawl looks really nice. Good luck with the socks :)

  2. Anch'io voglio far qualche modello quando rientro in possesso delle mie capacità di knitter senza necessariamente aver in nausea il mondo intero :P
    E un giro con la macchina per cucine me lo concedo...almeno quella non mi da fastidio!!!

  3. To say the truth the shawl is more a shawlette, something to use when you are reading in bed.