Monday, 6 June 2011

A rainy day

 My day off, and the weather was really against me. How do they say? - it was raining cats and dogs? Something like this. The fact is that I love rain and storms, thunders and all the mess connected with heavy rain. Why was I complaining?  I just turned my back to the garden and went to the kitchen instead. The result of my morning work were four jars of cherries in almond syrup. 

Guess who was my supervisor?

Even if it was raining outside, I've maneged to have a short break on the balcony (my open air knitting room). I've cast on the first sock for my swap partner. It's a secret, so enjoy a pic of the fucsia and one of the scented pelargionium I use against mosquitos - waiting a bat family to move to the bat house we have arranged for those voracious mosquito eaters.

1 comment:

  1. Uhmmmm....ciliege con sciroppo di mandorle...uhmmm...chissà come segno nella lista delle cose da fare, da vedere e da assaggiare quando vengo a trovarti ^_^