Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Today I feel owlish

The house where I live is place where you can sense  owls being your discreet neighbourghs.
I love to hear them hooting at night - mostly in the late afternoon - and I'm used to write down on my wall calendar the day I first hear them calling in spring.
In February we made a short trip to Graz and Vienna. And it was in Graz that I saw a bookshop using owls like the only ornament. It was late and the shop was closed, that's why I did't came home with owls and books.
Maybe next time....This owls are sitting on my window. Did I mention that I'm an owl addict? No? How strange......

Just because I'm in the mood: meet Mindy, the lazy greyhound and Gromit, the clever kitter's friend.


  1. Ti senti gufesca... e vorrei dire che ti sta proprio bene!!!

  2. Sul fatto che Gromit sia "clever" io nutro seri dubbi...è un impunito, altrochè!!!!