Monday, 25 April 2011

knitting time

I don't know how it goes chez vous, but I'm always knitting lots of things in the same time. It's not only I'm a little bit compulsive - just a  little - it's mostly because there are different projects for different moments of the day, even of the year.
I have a very flexible timetable at work. Sometimes I have to be at work at 5.30 AM, sometimes I'm working till late.You understand that it will be impossible for me to knit complicated cables in the late afternoon after an A working day (from 5.30 till 13.00) - that's why the Tzugumi's Celtic Plait Shrug has to wait for more relaxed hours, while I'm mindlessly knitting an oh-so-easy Emma Fassio's Rosa's sleeveless cardi-jumper.
It's the right  project for people watching TV or being half asleep. I need  knitting work like this even when I have to think or make plans - my hands are working by their own while I'm fully focused on the project I have in mind.....
Right now I'm struggling with maths - constructing a gansey for my son Luka. It will be a heavy one, knittend in yeans cotton from Rowan and I have made the cast on using a channel islands way that provides a very strong border. It take me hours to cast on 166 sts, but the result is really nice. Now I have to put together the design....

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