Saturday, 3 March 2012

My sister's brithday

For my sister's birthday I've decided to refresh a little bit my neglected blog. The fact is that I'm running out of Time. Every single day of my life. But, now and then, I have to post a little something. So - here we are -

This is the bag Babi made for me as a present for my sister. Such a nice work!

She is really talented. Have a look at her blog Filo, feltro e fantasia (, you'll be surprised.

Then I have to bake a dozen of cupcakes - just for fun. We'll have a birthday tea, so why not? Here they are, my coffee cupcakes, thanks Good Food digital food magazine!


Don't bad - aren't they?

Of course I've not neglected my knitting - au contraire

Mixing this yarn with this one

The result is a thread I'm using for a secret project

And last, but not least - our doggy family has a brand new member: Miška. She is a spanish greyhound or galgo and is a rescued dog.

This was her very first night at home, two weeks ago.

Sleepnig with her new friend, the grey Mindy

That's all folks - an Everest of loundry is waitnig for me






  1. Uuuuuh i cupcake sembrano deliziosi!!! Chissà che non scappi la ricetta un giorno... ^_^
    Grazie mille per i complimenti, sei esagerata!
    Baci baci

  2. ...quando torno me li fai i dolcetti?????? :)))