Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hot cross buns

I have this digital magazine Good Food, ok? And I love to test their recipes. Am I in Ad? Nope. But when your dearest does ask you one more and one more and the buns are not even cooled on the rack and he does not love cakes at all that means the recipe is a damn good one. And you have to stick to the magazine as well.

Your start with a dough - my KitchenAid does the dirty work

Then you prepare a mix of orange zest, cored and diced apples, cinnamon, sultanas. They don't look like sultanas? Correct - I had none left so I had to use dates instead.

Here it is the happy mix

Now you have to part it in 15 (why????) smaller pieces


And now the magic of the cross made of flour and water

After a 20 minutes bake here they are - lovely, tasty, from now on a must on my table. Thank you BBC digital magazine. The entire house smells so good: apples and cinnamon.


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