Thursday, 22 September 2011

lovely capelet

The weather is changing slowly, but it seems like the hot summer is over at least. I have to take care of my flowers, so madly in love with my scented carnations, but I also have to dig deep into my stash and finish some wip.
One is here, catching afternoon sun after washing.   The colours are really nice and the row I've added - purple Lana grossa Secondo, a blend of cotton, polyamide and silk - adds a bit of zest.
I also have to share with you that I've baked and decorated my very first dozen of cupcakes with italian meringue butter cream. Pure heaven - I just have to take some pictures before they disappear.

1 comment:

  1. Bello bello bello :) E che nostalgia la tua casa! Sembra sempre di più un luogo magico e fatato dove nulla di brutto può accadere, un luogo sicuro dove sorseggiare thè e chiacchierare di piccole grandi cose.
    PS: e le tue ipomee?