Saturday, 13 August 2011

swap socks

Here they are - Brussel's lace socks for my swap partner. I really hope she'll like them, because they are not ordinary socks, but I had almost no informations about her wishes or preferences, so I went my way. At least she'll have a nice piece of knitting in her secret box. What if she dislikes beads? Pazienza....

Those two are made just for me and my delight. I really like the yarn, but maybe not the random colorway. I have to try another pattern, maybe just 2k2p all the way. I have plenty of yarn to make experiments.
What else? Oh, yes, maybe a short not about or short trip to Bad Gleichenberg, a thermal place in the Styria region, a dream place for our little one. He wants to become a chef, you know Ratatouille,no? and even a cheese sommelier like they call people sniffing and serving cheese selections in fancy restaurants. He is far too young, but he was always like this - determinate. Look at him - right on the spot (well, not really, because the school was two bloks away)
 Being there, we decided to visit a castle with a fantastic wiev - I'm sure they could spot the Turks at the moment they gathered on the Bosphor. Alas it was a place of pain and torture for all those people (women and men) accused of sorcery.
But they were prevident and they had their own vineyards, so they could burn those poor souls alive when totaly drunk. he,he
I had bad toughts because every second witch was named Eva..... uh.
Let me come to an end with a much nicer photo - look at those lovely storks, nesting in the very center of a small village near Gornja Radgona.

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