Saturday, 27 August 2011

Back from Devon (and Cornwall)

Back from our family trip to Devon and Cornwall I'm too busy with laundry and ironing to write down my impression. So enjoy this small selection of photos and wait for better times......
Yelverton, Devon

Near Plymouth

... delicious.....


Sir Francis Drake's home ....

sunset view from our B'n'B in the Dartmoor area


  1. Ma posso dirlo? Lo dico: INVIDIAAAAAAA!!!

  2. Oooh, lovely places to visit. I don't know Devon so well but we used to visit Cornwall for family holidays when I was young many years in a row. I hated the journey there though, 14 hours stuck in the car with my parents and brothers, uugh!
    Thank you for your lovely comment about my shawl.

  3. Lovely pics.
    Hope the laundry pile has diminished!

  4. Devon is so lovely (I think every morning as I look out the window!) Lovely pictures and hope the weather was kind to you.