Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Zabbers' s magical envelope

I' d like to share a quick post about the bonanza hidden in my socks swap's partner envelope the post lady just gave to me
I'm at my office desk right now and I have just a few minutes left before I start my job, so let's tell you more about the sock swap.
As said, I have to thank Carrie from a place with a nice feminine name -  Ann Arbor - in Michigan. She is the one who made me giggle like a 10 years old girl unwrapping her most awaited present. Let me explain what I tried to put into one single photo: as you can see there is a pair of super soft socks. They deserve a special description later on, then a knitted beret with a stylish, 30thies look. And a skein of home dyed and home spun greenish wool I simply adore. I'll knit a special pattern for me with this yarn. It's a hat some friends of mine are testing, named Capuccino beanie. 
Then there is was all an owl-lover would love to add to her collection: a note book, a book mark, even a cork with an owl, and oh-so-nice stitch markers.
I have to add more goodies: a special tea flower (I love them, they are so nice when opening in a bowl of hot water), sweeties, dired red cherries ... and here we come to the recipe for an asian dish I'll try as soon as I have all my family dinig together. I think it was written Carrie will share that recipe with me, because last week I found some fresh lemongrass at a farmer market and I put it in my freezer. ...  
As a super extra bonus I got a huge assortiment of cool aid powder for my future dyeing (thanks, thanks, thanks)  and an interesting article about what seems to be a traditional, surely peculiar way of singing. I 'm so curious about this, really.
Carrie, you've made my day! No, you've made me happy and proud to be part of this very special socks swapping comunity on Ravelry.  

An now to the socks: sorry for the miserable pictures, that's my office floor.... the socks are a perfect fit and they are cabled on the front and on the back side. They are so lovely I have to buy proper clogs to show them out. Till spring they'll warm my feet when watching tv or/and knitting. The colour is like the green of amethist, even if they seem gray in the pic.
A very lucky me is going to work now.   

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