Friday, 4 November 2011

Knitting something useful

November,. It's raining outside and I'm happy as a kid. That's because I know what to do out of a rainy day (apart from everyday business, of course): this morning I cleared my small laundry place, then I finished a scarf for my son n.2, now I'm at my office desk and I'll stay here till 9 PM, but I have my knitting with me, because you never know, maybe you'll have the chance to knit a stitch or two (ogni lasciata e' persa, for those of you with an italian heart). Then I'll knit while watching Tv .... dreaming about all the knitting I will/could do in the next few days while at home from work and the announced rain outside.
Now about the project I have with me today....for the first time in my adult knitting life I made a scientific cast on. I needed a deep brown, plain chestnut vest for everday use and I just started one. Where you see a ruffle, there is a future pointed border... I'm going to knit it in the round cutting the central steak at the end and I'm including a bit of shaping where you see pieces of fancy yarn. As you can see the 3 mm needles are different, one plastic red one woody knitpics. It's not because I'm stylish or original, It's because my dog broke one of the wooden needles sleeping on my work  and I was forced to rescue the entire work.
Oh, and the wool is pure cashmere, bought at a fair from a man who is a sort of yarn pusher for knitters in my area. I don't know how very cashmere is this cashmere, but it's very soft, does not cost a fortune and the colours are lovely. More than this, the yarn was tested by Tibisay and since she is a cashmere guru and there were no objections, I'm going luxury this time.
I also feel rather creative those (rainy) days, so - maybe, m-a-y-b-e  - I'll write down the pattern for a small project I've almost finished. We'll see.

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  1. The color is nice and I bet it's very very soft (the yarn), so you can't blame the dog ;))
    And I love your bag!